How to lose weight with a gym ball?

Being included in the standard of the ideal measurement makes it possible to maintain a perfect silhouette and especially to keep a good health. It is for this reason that many people wish to lose weight only of their part of the body which contains more fat and especially hips for most women. To this… Read More »

Diet menu chrononutrition for bodybuilding

The chrononutrition diet appeared in 1986, under the impetus of its founder, Dr. Alain Delabos. In reality, chrononutrition is not a dangerous diet . It is an effective program whose principle is the rebalancing of the diet by respecting the biological clock of his organism, for woman as for man. This intensive formula still allows… Read More »

Camphor: the weapon against heavy legs?

Camphor is a medicinal plant with many health benefits, originating from the island of Borneo . It has always been used as an effective natural remedy for colds, respiratory problems and many other ailments. It is also a powerful antiseptic that helps to overcome heavy legs. Relieve heavy legs with camphor In addition to its… Read More »

To lose 40 kilos with chrononutrition?

With chrononutrition, it is possible to lose weight, but not at any time. Do you have 40 extra pounds? Naturally adopt a balanced and diversified diet. How to boost weight loss with chrononutrition? Lose weight without deprivation, making sure to give the body what it needs. Adapted to the biological clock, this mode of feeding… Read More »

What Are The Real Ingredients Of Trialix Male Enhancement ?

Have you had a long time in the beginning of your relationship? Follow these tips to keep your couple “hot” There are several reasons why the beginning of a relationship is an incredible moment: hot messages, unexpected exits and parts of legs in the air very caliente for example. But as your relationship progresses, it… Read More »

A draconian diet to lose belly?

Like the hips, the belly is a part of the body that easily accumulates fat especially in women. Many adopt a draconian diet to lose weight quickly and find a flat stomach. But is this type of diet really effective to refine its size without fearing the yo-yo effect ? Benefits of a drastic diet… Read More »

10 food tips and nutrition advice to lose weight

To lose weight, relearn to eat, start moving again and finally be patient, it is essential. But if to reach your goal faster , you also rely on some slimming tips? Little top 10 Grandma stuff and nutrition tips that make the difference! 1 Chewing, it makes you lose weight Diet, tired of staying on… Read More »

Hypnosis: the solution against cellulite?

Are you ready for anything to eliminate imperfections in your body? Attack your cellulite first! Although you can hide your cellulite behind your clothes , they are nevertheless genes that you can remove by following a diet or playing sports. However, following a slimming program is never easy. The efforts to be made are sometimes… Read More »

The diet fruits and vegetables to lose weight

More than doing intense physical exercises, it is your diet that will allow you to lose weight first . In reality, your weight gain is usually caused by malnutrition. This means that you do not pay attention to what you eat and that, most of the time, you store too much fat . The best… Read More »