The Effects of Epilepsy on the Body

The Effects of Epilepsy on the Body Epilepsy is a condition that causes seizures — temporary glitches in the brain’s electrical activity. These electrical disruptions can cause a range of symptoms. Some people stare off into space, some make jerky movements, while others lose consciousness.Doctors don’t know what causes epilepsy. Genes, brain conditions like tumors… Read More »

4 Tips based on scientific evidence to tone arms

Understanding the basic physiology to muscle your arms You will never gain volume in the arms until you understand this basic rule of human physiology: the triceps represent two thirds of the total volume of the muscles of your arms. This is the muscle at the back of your arms. Even though we are still… Read More »

3 Golden Rules to develop the muscles in your arms

In fact, I feel like spending my life answering the famous question “How can I get bigger arms? “And whatever the level shred fx testo of people who ask me the question, I always get the impression that they have never been seriously interested in training their arms. It seems that if one does not have… Read More »

6 Tips for bigger arms + Training program

Do not give up your triceps The quickest way to get bigger arms is to pay more attention to your triceps rather than always focusing primarily on your Dsn code black side effects biceps. Your triceps are actually the biggest muscles in the upper arm and they represent about two-thirds the total size of your… Read More »

Why Collagen for Bodybuilders?

Collagen is not just a question of wrinkles, women and cosmetics. Think again ! You are particularly concerned if you are more than 40 years old or your tendons and joints are greatly stressed during an intense training. You may lack resistance and flexibility, see your cartilage damaged and develop inflammation in the elbows, knees,… Read More »

Ingredients That Increase Testosterone

Whether you choose them for anabolism or libido, they are known to increase performance and muscle development. Taken in addition to protein or gainer , associated or not with congestion boosters, the testosterone stimulating ingredients act naturally and without side effect. These are mostly adaptogenic plants, amino acids. The saponins The tribulus terrestris or tribule… Read More »

4 good reasons to take creatine

Do I really need to take creatine  ? This is a question that everyone asks, especially as creatine sometimes has a bad reputation or vehicle for misconceptions about it. Yet creatine is a powerful booster of strength, volume and mass which it would be a shame to deprive. Here are four good scientifically proven reasons… Read More »

These other supplements that increase your mass intake

Apart from the indispensable weight gainers , and creatine that are champions of weight gain and volume, there are other supplements for mass gain that are not always thought. Glutamine Glutamine is a non-essential but nonetheless very interesting amino acid . It is abundant in the blood and muscles and conditions the synthesis of proteins.… Read More »

Rose cleansing milk

Discover our recipe for pink make-up milk to make yourself at home. An organic care with a good smell of pink to clean her skin gently. INGREDIENTS 2 c. Fresh cream 1 C. Organic Rose Hydrolate 2 c. Liquid honey THE RECIPE FOR ROSE-CLEANSING MILK First mix cream and liquid honey in a bowl. Add… Read More »

Works in the body with the utilization

Bodybuilding Exercises works in the body with the utilization of its progressed and effective exclusive mixes of characteristic segments and supplements. Bodybuilding Exercises has the capacity to take after the elements of your body, in this way enabling it to offer advantages, for example, building muscles, raising characteristic digestion, which results to the accelerating of… Read More »