10 food tips and nutrition advice to lose weight

By | December 25, 2018

To lose weight, relearn to eat, start moving again and finally be patient, it is essential. But if to reach your goal faster , you also rely on some slimming tips? Little top 10 Grandma stuff and nutrition tips that make the difference!

1 Chewing, it makes you lose weight
Diet, tired of staying on your hunger? natura farms keto Eat more slowly, much more slowly … 20 minutes is the time needed to achieve satiety. You will not even need to refill yourself, you’ll see!

3 Lemon, king of the detox
It is well known, chasing cellulite is first drink a lot! At sunrise, press an organic lemon in your bottle of water: open secret, it promotes line and health, thanks to its high content of vitamin C.

2 The fibers, the thing that stalls
To limit the calories, bet on the fibers, particularly satiating . To you the entrees based on raw vegetables, and forget the juice, even without added sugar: munch rather in a whole fruit!

4 Baking, the really great grandmother tip
Indispensable at home, baking can also make you lose weight. Alkaline, it reduces the acidity of the body, favorable to the storage of fats – while relieving heartburn!

5 The GI, the new slimming measure
Do you count the calories? Do not forget to rely on the GI, or glycemic index : basis of the Montignac diet, it classifies foods according to their effects on blood sugar. The lower it is, the better!

6 Green tea, a must
Hot or iced, plain or flavored, but of course never sweet: green tea is the ideal slimming drink. The right dose: three cups a day.

7 Bodybuilding, the other side of cardio
To slim down, doing cardio is good. But to boost your results, do not neglect muscle building: the more muscular your body is, the more calories it will burn … even at rest.

8 Mint, an odor to melt
The plants are amazing: did you know that the smell of mint had the power to cut off the appetite ? To avoid overeating at lunch, place a small bunch near your plate.

9 Sleep, the slim ally we forget
When you sleep too, you burn calories ! And even more than sitting around doing nothing. So instead of surfing, take a natura farms keto walmart good nap. Rested, you will also have more energy to move!

10 Fat, a friend who wants you well
The list of foods to avoid changed : rediscover the fat, nutritious and satiating. Sardines, olive oil, almonds …: despite their calories, these foods will not make you fat.

Man or woman, apply our advice to revise your habits and correct your shopping list : your diet will only work better!

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