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Best functional exercises that we can do at home

Previously we talked about functional trainings and how these can help us improve our performance in a remarkable way, whether we are athletes who dedicate ourselves to the practice of some sports discipline or, if we seek to improve our quality of life, being sports as a quite viable alternative for this. We already knew… Read More »

Signs that you have a slow metabolism

One of the most recurrent concerns in people who seek fat loss optimally, is very related to the health of metabolism, and is that as is well known, the higher the ratio in the metabolic rate, the greater the testo e force capacity of the body to use fats as an energy source, leading to an… Read More »

My intermittent fasting program is safe!

Intermittent fasting, also known as “eat stop eat”, is not literally a diet. It’s a way of organizing the timing of meals that can promote weight loss. Concretely, you do not change anything in your diet, but the time you eat. Discovery! The three most popular methods There are three intermittent fasting total tone diet formulas… Read More »

How to lose weight when you are a man?

The handles of love. These fats on the hips are not the enemies of women, only. Many men, too, want to get rid of it willingly. Hips tend to store fat quickly. The rendering, not very aesthetic, makes the physical less attractive. Gentlemen, different ways will help you lose your kara keto burn hips effectively. All… Read More »

How to lose 5 kilos after the holidays?

After days enjoying foie gras and chocolate, how can you lose 5 kilos too much? To lose weight after the holidays, we give premier keto diet reviews you the instructions for use: leave on balanced meals and put yourself back to the sport! On the other hand, try not to be too hard on yourself …… Read More »

To slim down thanks to the anti-cellulite tea?

To limit the water retention, often very unsightly, to fight on several fronts is always the best strategy. Physical exercise to eliminate better, adapted diet, special massages … and if you also tried draining forskolin keto complete herbal tea, organic herbal? True boosters of your efforts to slim down, these grandma’s beverages have been proven to… Read More »

How to lose weight in 2 days?

Losing weight today is a concern for many people, regardless of age or gender. Everyone is looking for the most premier diet keto effective solution to make their body thinner by targeting and eliminating fat. But we forget too often that our face also needs to get thinner, that it needs to firm up so that… Read More »

Lose weight with Chinese products

Do you often see round Chinese? No ? This is because China is full of products that promote thinness. Whether it’s food, medical products, creams or max pro 1000 slimming accessories, “made in China” products may be your ideal partners for weight loss. If you too want to stay slim and thin like a Chinese, here… Read More »

The slimming tank: it works?

You can store the slimming sheaths of your grandmother’s era, textile industries have been offering for some years, slimming shark tank weight loss clothes that help you quickly display a refined shape. Among these are the slimming tank top. It is a real ally that can be worn by a man as well as a woman.… Read More »

Castor oil your ally to lose weight?

Castor oil is also known as castor oil and has significant therapeutic and cosmetic benefits. It is particularly an premier diet keto effective way to lose weight and keep the line thanks to its richness in fatty acid. It contributes to the detox of the body. Castor oil: an ally of choice for losing weight? Rich… Read More »