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Does the gizzard make you fat?

The gizzard, with heart and liver, is part of poultry offal. It is more precisely a part of the stomach of birds. Once the gizzard is well cleaned, it is fully edible and can be prepared in many ways. At 174 kcal per 100 grams, the gizzard contains little calorie intake. It is advisable to… Read More »

Caramel ice cream and calories?

Like all ice creams, caramel ice cream is caloric (about 158 ​​kcal per 100 grams). It can, however, be consumed during a diet. Discover how to make a caramel ice cream light and less caloric. Caramel ice cream, a caloric food to avoid during a diet Rather caloric, the caramel ice cream can be chosen… Read More »

Licorice to lose weight?

Everyone knows the licorice sticks that are chewed to de-stress or simply to relish their bitter sweet taste. On the other hand, the benefits of this food during dieting are less well known. Slimming partner of choice, licorice promotes the elimination of fat while limiting the level of cholesterol and lipids in the blood. Licorice:… Read More »

Is it true that you are ready to change your life with Healthy?

How to use healthy? Health is a sensational supplement that provides vitality at the time and an increase in testosterone to the body. Take 2 tablets 30 minutes before exercise and get extra vitality and a dynamic lifestyle to come. Apply today Healthy is really accessible on its official website. Increase your testosterone level in… Read More »

Elm red to lose weight?

The slippery elm is a tree found mostly in North America and Canada. Renowned for its medicinal properties, it could also find a new place in the field of thinness. Initially used to relieve sore throat and relieve coughing problems, slippery elm is very effective against constipation. Virtues that are very useful to all those… Read More »

5 tips of grandmother to lose weight

Over time or overweight, the arms can gradually collapse and the accumulated fat can produce an unsightly impression. How to intelligently focus your efforts on this part of the body to find tone and shape? Here are our tips for grandmother to reconnect with firmness! The technique of the water bottle One of the most… Read More »

Try the slimming freshness against localized fat!

Cryotherapy is a term that seems to come straight out of a science fiction novel. It is not so. Cryotherapy is a new generation solution to fight against the fats stored by the body and that we would ardently wish to see disappear! Thanks to this process, the perspective of invasive acts evaporates like snow… Read More »

Does guava juice make you fat?

Delicious exotic fruit, guava is consumed in nature or in the form of juice. A drink that exists in many varieties, guava is reasonable in calories and contains several interesting nutrients. For the purpose of diet and weight loss, this guava juice may be advantageous for not getting fat. A guava juice ideal for a… Read More »

Does kale make you fat?

Green cabbage, cabbage kale or kale, this leafy remains particularly indicated in the framework of slimming diets and does not make any weight. Very low in calories and rich in nutrients, kale, like all broad ketofit dragons den leafy vegetables, is even recommended in balanced and low-calorie diets. Lose weight fast with kale Why eat kale?… Read More »

What are the fruits allowed during the Hollywood diet?

Having become very popular lately, the Hollywood diet makes it possible to lose weight very quickly. Based on a large consumption of fruits, it still includes some rules that must be known. List of authorized fruits The Hollywood diet allows all fruits in its keto fit first phase, except bananas. The principle is very simple: eat… Read More »