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Feeding To Get Big Without Fattening

To gain muscle and get big, the effort is not only in the gym, but also in the diet. It is essential to eat properly to stimulate the muscles, however, without gaining weight. After all, no one wants to be called ‘fat muscled’, is not it? Although, logically, muscles require only more energy to maintain,… Read More »

Cow Milk and Bodybuilding

We have long known that an adequate intake of protein is essential for muscle growth, making foods such as meats, eggs, milk and dairy products, gaining prominence among bodybuilders and bodybuilders. However, cow’s milk, even presenting high levels of high-quality protein, has much controversy around its consumption. Some defend it as a great food, primalis… Read More »

Crossfit x Functional Training

Elastic band The elastic band is a great accessory to do several exercises in several modalities like: functional training, physiotherapy, pilates, stretching and relaxation. It is easily found in sports stores and the exercises can be done even at home. The elastic band helps in the development of muscle strength and improves coordination, it explores… Read More »

Clitoris: 6 Tips to Stimulate Correctly

The clitoris is the most sensitive organ of the woman’s body and has a single function: to give pleasure to it. In theory, every man knows this, but in practice, few know how to properly stimulate this little organ and make his partner moan with pleasure in bed. And believe me, the stimulus in this t5x… Read More »

What surgery to lose his double chin?

Disfiguring and deforming the oval of the face considerably, the double chin is the result of an accumulation of fat between the chin and the neck. It is usually caused by overweight, aging of the face, or genetic predispositions. So, what to do in this case? Today, it is quite possible to erase it, thanks… Read More »

Does the suze make it grow?

La Suze is a French brand of alcoholic beverage that has managed to rise to the top of the scale in the world of aperitif. Its unique taste, as well as its orange color helped to reinforce its notoriety, until becoming a real pride for France. The world of pleasure being generally in contradiction with… Read More »

Weight Watchers diet: flexipoints or propoints?

Weight Watchers continues to make improvements to its program, as there are currently many versions. Although in general, it consists in helping to lose weight without depriving oneself of meals, each type of diet relies on a system of its own. What about flexipoints and propoints? Which one is best suited for losing weight fast?… Read More »

5 tips to lose weight while you sleep

Burning calories in one’s sleep is the dream of everyone who has a few pounds to lose. Without effort, you will lose weight visibly. Here are 5 simple tips to make sleeping a source of pleasure even more than usual. Dine light Jumping dinner is a solution advocated by many nonetheless, a light dinner is… Read More »