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How to lose calories at rest?

You must know already, to lose weight, you have to burn calories . This is done daily by eating well and having regular physical activity. But did you know that even at rest you can burn calories? Here are some tips that will allow you to lose weight without doing anything. The sport Sport as… Read More »

What are the benefits of raw celery?

Like root vegetables, it is one of the big must-haves in winter. In the form of a tuber, it is very low in calories and is a true concentrate of well-being thanks to its high content of vitamins , minerals and trace elements. Here is what to remember about its innumerable benefits, especially when consumed… Read More »

Our tips for starting a diet and sticking to it

You started it dozens of times, this diet, before abandoning it for lack of motivation , willpower, obstinacy, and making you feel guilty about not getting there. true light keto But here you can not stand your weight after pregnancy and have decided to take the bull by the horns: how to do it well… Read More »

Raw foods: enemies of good digestion?

In the diet, salads and other crudités are inviting massively in your menus. With a bonus, a difficult digestion … Very good source of nutrients, raw food can actually hurt the intestines. We take stock, and we find solutions to spare his digestive tract without gaining weight. Eat raw: too difficult for the stomach? Carrot… Read More »

How to have pecs in 1 month?

For an athletic silhouette and a beautiful body, it is important to have muscles salient especially for men that often passes by pecs firm. It requires motivation and a lot of willpower. Here’s how to get abs in 1 month. The slimming shop Anaca3 Do the right exercises Several exercises will allow you to work… Read More »

How to lose weight on the back and hips?

Losing weight is often an adventure full of pitfalls of all kinds. That’s why refining a particular body part may seem really complicated. Is it so difficult? Rest assured, no. What is usually lacking in people in your situation is a lack of information because some simple tips that you can put in place quickly… Read More »

To lose weight, should you prefer endurance or sprint?

Losing weight goes through diet and can be accelerated by regular practice of one or more sport (s) . Should we prefer endurance or sprint to lose weight? The sprint will be much more effective at losing fat , but by calculating well its endurance effort, running, cycling or rowing will also play an important… Read More »

The elliptical trainer to lose weight on the hips

Many tips exist to refine your body at the hips and often , you need to access several of them at the same time to obtain a satisfactory result. Perhaps you have not given the elliptical bike a chance yet, because if it did, you would have already achieved your goals . Why ? Its… Read More »

Perdre des bras avec le cardio

But because thinning locally is complicated, we explain how to tone your bust with cardiovascular workouts coupled with muscle building . Cardio Workouts: How Do We Lose Arms? It’s because they tone the upper part of our body that they help it lose weight. The advantage, with the practice of the cardio or the machines,… Read More »

Worcestershire sauce in a diet?

Ideal to accompany all your beef , chicken or fish dishes, Worcestershire sauce, which is of English origin, is widely authorized during a slimming diet because it is very low in calories. It is an adequate alternative to  Slim Therma Tone cocktail sauce or Bolognese sauce for example . Zoom on this scented sauce not to… Read More »