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Stretch marks: top 5 best oils!

After a diet or pregnancy, it is not uncommon to have unwanted stretch marks . Tears in the dermis, the deepest layer of the skin, these welts often testify to a weight gain too fast. If erasing them completely would be a miracle, alleviating them is quite possible. To get there, here is our top… Read More »

How to eliminate 10 kg of water retention?

Columns, swollen face …: unsightly and uncomfortable, the retention of water also weighs heavily on the scales . By definition, it consists of an excess of liquid that the body refuses to eliminate. So what to do to lose 10 kilos of water? If hormones are frequently involved, reducing your edema is still possible. Our… Read More »

Paleo diet: how to avoid bloating?

When you follow a diet and have not followed the golden rules, several side effects can occur like the yoyo effect , flatulence. These are caused by regular constipation, lactose intolerance, not to mention stress and nervousness. However, with the paleo diet based on natural foods in the same way that the ancient man has… Read More »

Phase 1 of the high protein diet

As the name suggests, the high protein diet consists of a slimming program that is based primarily on a diet rich in protein . Effective, is subdivided into three distinct phases, without interruption. So how does phase 1 work, how does it work and for what purpose ? Here are some answers. What you need… Read More »

High protein diet: forbidden foods

The high protein diet allows you to lose weight quickly . But to be really effective, it is forbidden to consume certain foods, while others will be privileged. Prohibited foods in the high protein diet Rapid weight loss will be triggered by the removal of several types of foods banned in a high protein diet… Read More »

The bike to build muscles?

thrma splut The benefits of cycling are many: it is for example excellent for cardiovascular health and burns calories quickly . Only, is this sport effective for bodybuilding? If not, on what physical activities to bet for the thighs, abs and glutes work? Cycling, endurance sport perfect for burning calories … but not necessarily for muscles… Read More »

How to save money? What solutions to put in place?

Why and how to save? You may be wondering why you have to save? I understand, what is the point of setting aside money when life is short, that it is necessary to take advantage of it, to “have fun” and to satisfy the desire to consume which gives us so much satisfaction. It is… Read More »

Invest in a website

To optimize your budget, we saw that we could increase our income through savings, but what to do with what we put aside? Apart from traditional investments, one can find original investments such as investing in a website . Of course it is not a passive investment, it will spend a little time on it.… Read More »