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Practice gymnastics to lose weight on your knees?

It becomes very easy to take in fat once you do not pay attention to your diet. While some complain of having a big belly, others are more concerned about their knees becoming misshapen. Is the diet the only way to burn this excess fat and find a good line? It seems like no. You… Read More »

How to lose 35 kg in 9 months?

As you know, to achieve an ambitious goal of significant weight loss, your motivation will not have to let go. With a diet to keep to the letter and a daily sport practice. However, it is not a goal so heavy to wear to lose weight by shedding its fat and not to take calories… Read More »

How to lose 17 kg in 6 months?

Is a goal of weight loss of 17 kg in 6 months realistic? The answer is positive if you balance your diet and play sports. 6 months to lose 17 kilos, the time to listen to his body A diet to lose weight quickly can exhaust your body and your mind . By giving you… Read More »

5 exercises and sports without dumbbells to lose weight

In summer or any time of the year, having thinner and more toned arms allows you to wear sleeveless clothes without being afraid of the eyes of others. And for that, you do not necessarily need to lift Slimlook Forskolin dumbbells with very heavy weights. Here are five simple exercises to lose arms in 2 weeks… Read More »

How to lose 10 pounds in 50 days?

10 kilos is usually the weight that we are in too much. And when you think about it, you get a little depressed and then you forget about it, and those 10 pounds go up little by little. Be it after the baby or because menopause makes your hormones make you eat for women or… Read More »