5 exercises and sports without dumbbells to lose weight

By | April 24, 2019

In summer or any time of the year, having thinner and more toned arms allows you to wear sleeveless clothes without being afraid of the eyes of others. And for that, you do not necessarily need to lift Slimlook Forskolin dumbbells with very heavy weights.

Here are five simple exercises to lose arms in 2 weeks without lifting a single kilo.

5 exercises and sports without dumbbells to lose weight

The elastic

This is one of the best fitness accessories to work your arms very quickly . How to do ? Hold the rubber band between your hands and place your left hand behind your back in the hollow of your loins, keeping your right arm bent and your hand behind your head. Then completely unfold the right arm vertically and stretch as far as possible. Repeat the exercise 10 times and then change hands.

Pilates method

To strengthen your arms with this gym exercise , you’ll just need a mattress on the floor and comfortable clothes. As in all other Pilates exercises , you will need to find the most comfortable position for you. For this, get on all fours on your carpet while keeping your legs tight.

Then, stretch your body by slowly stretching your legs. Once in the position one adopts to push , keep your back straight, your head in an extension of your body, your arms tight and stay still for 60 seconds. At the end of this period, resume your 4-legged position and repeat the exercise once or twice.


By doing 5 minutes of Yoga each day , you will not be afraid to put on a tank to leave your home after a few days. Postures like the dog upside down, the board, the side board , the kitturanga and the dog upside are ideal for strengthening your arms and stretching your legs and back. In addition, yoga is very beneficial to regain self-confidence. It is highly recommended for women during pregnancy.

The elliptical trainer

By doing an elliptical trainer, you can work your muscles in the front and back of your arms (biceps and triceps). To do this, use the strength of your arms to move forward by pushing the moving bars of the device to work your hind arm or pulling them to work your forearm. This exercise of bodybuilding supposes a certain energy expenditure . So remember to keep a bottle of water next to hydrate you from time to time.


The breaststroke and crawl are two swimming techniques that will allow you to slim down your arms very quickly. You can also use a board to achieve your goals . Just place it vertically in the water against you then extend your arms pushing the water. It is recommended to do this movement about 20 times.

Whatever type of exercise you choose, you can accelerate your results using a slimming cream , a cellophane or taking remedies from homeopathy.

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