Camphor: the weapon against heavy legs?

By | January 9, 2019

Camphor is a medicinal plant with many health benefits, originating from the island of Borneo . It has always been used as an effective natural remedy for colds, respiratory problems and many other ailments.

It is also a powerful antiseptic that helps to overcome heavy legs.

Relieve heavy legs with camphor
In addition to its antiseptic effect, this product is easily recognized by its strong and pungent smell improves blood slimquick keto circulation . That’s why it’s effective at calming heavy legs. Its use stimulates the circulatory system to increase its activity. The parts of the body concerned therefore become lighter.

In addition, camphor has anti-inflammatory and anesthetic properties that help reduce pain in a short time. Its almost immediate effect is due to the fact that the substance is directly absorbed by the pores of the skin and acts quickly. Camphor is also very powerful to unwind muscular tension.

Use of camphor against heavy legs
Camphor exists in different forms . If the essential oil is the most used, there is also the cream and ointment. It is even possible to find it as an inhalation liquid and granule. Where to buy camphor? In your pharmacy or in an organic shop. To fight heavy legs, it is the essential oil, cream and ointment that interest us.

The indication is very simple. It is necessary to carry out a delicate self-massage of the legs every night before sleeping. For HE, it must be mixed with an organic massage oil. Cream and ointment are used alone. You will see, camphor will almost instantly relieve pain while giving you a very pleasant feeling of freshness . After a few days of use, your legs will return to their normal state and this will also be the end of the treatment.

Contraindications of camphor
Les bienfaits du camphre sont vraiment nombreux, mais l’abus de son utilisation peut provoquer des irritations sur vos jambes. N’en mettez jamais sur une plaie ouverte. Par précaution, le produit est strictement proscrit aux enfants de moins de 2 ans, ainsi qu’aux femmes enceintes et allaitantes. Les médecins défendent également son utilisation par les patients souffrant d’épilepsie ou de la maladie de Parkinson.

Les autres bienfaits du camphre
Si vous respectez l’indication d’appliquer le camphre sur vos jambes une fois par jour et arrêter dès que le problème est résolu, le produit ne pourra être qu’efficace contre les jambes lourdes. Mais ses vertus sur le corps sont encore nombreuses.

It has antifungal properties to fight and prevent pathogenic fungi. Associated with other plants like chamomile or rosemary, it is perfect for relaxing the body. Camphor can also be used for flavoring and insecticidal purposes.

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