The diet fruits and vegetables to lose weight

By | December 22, 2018

More than doing intense physical exercises, it is your diet that will allow you to lose weight first . In reality, your weight gain is usually caused by malnutrition. This means that you do not pay attention to what you eat and that, most of the time, you store too much fat . The best way to remedy this, according to many specialists, is the fruit and vegetable diet. How does it work ?

The effects of the diet based on fruits and vegetables
The principle of this program is simple: drastically change your diet, replacing everything you usually eat with fruits and vegetables. By focusing only on these ingredients, you can first eliminate the toxins in your body . Then you will lose weight.

But besides this loss of weight, deficiencies can also be noted. Indeed, even if fruits and vegetables replace, for example, some bio x keto proteins and industrial sugar, the calorie intake is very low . It may be that you lack energy for certain tasks, such as sports.

Follow-up of this program on a daily basis
To avoid troubles because of these deficiencies , you will not have to chain this program to more than 5 days. Once this limit is reached, it will be necessary to balance your diet with lean meat, dairy products and bread. Eh yes ! It will always avoid fatty and industrial foods .

Typical menu made from fruits and vegetables
Morning : 4 bananas, 1 mango juice , tea or coffee without sugar
Morning snack : 3 apples
Lunch : salad of tomatoes and green beans , 1 lemon juice, 2 bananas
Afternoon snack: 3 pears
Dinner : cucumber, 2 bananas, sugar free tea
For the other days, it will be enough to replace these ingredients by equivalents . Thus, you will put a little more flavor in your dishes.

Although fruits and vegetables do not bring any fat to your body, you should know that deficiencies are commonplace with this diet. To remedy this, know just put a limit in time and, during recovery, do not make the idiocy to dive into your bad eating habits!

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