Diet menu chrononutrition for bodybuilding

By | January 10, 2019

The chrononutrition diet appeared in 1986, under the impetus of its founder, Dr. Alain Delabos. In reality, chrononutrition is not a dangerous diet . It is an effective program whose principle is the rebalancing of the diet by respecting the biological clock of his organism, for woman as for man.

This intensive formula still allows you to eat properly without feeling a sense of deprivation . Chrononutrition is a promise of thinning with a large meal in the morning, a dense meal at lunch, keto drox sweet to taste and very light at night .

The calories are dispersed throughout the day, especially if you practice bodybuilding very regularly. In this case, the opinions are quite unanimous. With this type of diet, you will succeed in losing fat and cellulite while you muscling.

The chrononutrition diet is perfect for the practice of bodybuilding
The main advantage is that this diet is very protein intensive. However, these allow the body to provide an additional effort to digest while increasing muscle mass .

Proteins are also the source of the feeling of satiety. To taste, one of the recommendations given is to consume a snack with fresh fruits and / or vegetables and a portion of milk protein rich in tryptophans, amino acids essential for the proper functioning of our body.

If you practice dips, endurance racing or cardio exercises (such as boxing) , this diet is for you.

Ideas for homemade meals
With these recipe ideas, you’ll quickly see the difference, especially in the shoulders , buttocks, arms (pectorals and biceps), abs and belly. However, if you have health problems, it is best to seek medical advice first.

The disadvantage if you practice sport intensively is to have body aches . So, do not forget to stretch before and after each session.

Menu 1

Tea, coffee or herbal tea
100 grams of cottage cheese
70 grams of black bread
20 grams of butter, preferably lighter
1 egg
Midday :

A net of 250 grams of rump
A plate of pasta
A fruit keto drox yogurt
Snack snack:

An organic orange
A big handful of almonds
Menu 2:

Unsweetened tea or coffee
80 grams of camembert or emmental cheese
70 g whole buttered bread
Midday :

100 grams of chicken breast with caraway sauce
A large plate of rice

A large bowl of dried fruits
30 grams of dark chocolate
Some dried fruits

A shrimp salad with cooked peppers
A yogurt 0%

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