A draconian diet to lose belly?

By | December 29, 2018

Like the hips, the belly is a part of the body that easily accumulates fat especially in women. Many adopt a draconian diet to lose weight quickly and find a flat stomach.

But is this type of diet really effective to refine its size without fearing the yo-yo effect ?

Benefits of a drastic diet
We often talk about drastic diet to observe a dramatic weight loss in a very short time . But what exactly? It is a slimming program suitable for both women and men, based on a diet low calorie. It takes place k2 slim keto over a short period and usually involves a very strict restriction of certain foods.

One of the most trendy is, for example, the fat-based soup diet that can make you lose an average of 5kg in a week . It is generally recommended for obese people who must lose several pounds before surgery.

For 7 days, each meal of the day will consist mainly of this soup. Depending on your goals and your physical condition , it is accompanied by vegetables, fruits, lean meats or fish to avoid tiring the body too much.

The principle of a draconian diet
In the case of soup eats fat, the dish is mainly composed of cabbage, which is a very effective vegetable for losing weight in the stomach . To optimize the effects of soup, we add onions, green peppers, tomatoes, celery and ginger, all of which are foods with well-known slimming properties.

How to achieve your slimming goals? It’s easy enough: apply the instructions of your dietician to the letter. He will recommend foods to complement your menus to provide the nutrients your body needs. You will sometimes be entitled to a banana, rich in potassium, to avoid fatigue.

A draconian diet will also make you lose a lot of water. So remember to hydrate yourself properly. You can add a slice of lemon in your glass to vary your drinks.

Go to the end of his slimming program
A draconian diet is hard enough for the body. Because of the rapid loss of weight, the body is easily exhausted which encourages the desire to nibble to compensate for energy losses . There are different simple ideas to put into practice to stay motivated during the diet week.

Take pictures before / after to see the result of your efforts. You can also weigh yourself halfway to see how many pounds you have already lost and what you need to eliminate.

In short, a drastic diet is restrictive, but effective in reducing your waist size by several centimeters.

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