How to lose 17 kg in 6 months?

By | April 24, 2019

Is a goal of weight loss of 17 kg in 6 months realistic? The answer is positive if you balance your diet and play sports.

How to lose 17 kg in 6 months

6 months to lose 17 kilos, the time to listen to his body

A diet to lose weight quickly can exhaust your body and your mind . By giving you several months to regain your figure after a delivery, to lose the bulges on your stomach or simply to find a BMI ( Normal Body Mass Index) , you allow yourself the opportunity to listen to your reactions and to change durably your eating and sports habits , to keep your weight of form. You avoid the yoyo effect.

The balanced diet to get rid of 17 kg in 6 months

There is no question of following a drastic diet for long months. But losing weight effortlessly is a utopia. It will be necessary to Ez3 Keto reserve on exceptional occasions the consumption of alcohol ( 69 calories in a glass of red wine ), sodas (64 calories in a glass of soda gas with fruits), sweets (100 calories, for 7 strawberries tagada) sweet biscuits (106 kcal in 100 grams of jam cake).

The addition of all these pleasures weighs heavily, when the average expenditure is 2100 Kcal for a man with moderate physical activity and 1800 Kcal for a woman . To lose weight more easily, satiating foods such as whole pasta or white meats are your slimming allies , because they provide a satiety effect thanks to their low glycemic index.

Physical activity for easier weight loss

Sport is an effective aid to lose fat . But all the exercises are not equal. If your health allows it, the ideal is to direct you towards the cardios activities, which increase the metabolism and thus the energetic expenses. All that remains is to choose the sports activity you like most: jogging , zumba , cycling , cardio training machines , rowing machine , etc. In addition, your stress will decrease. Stress is the cause of many cravings.

Less than 17 kg in 180 days is therefore an ambitious but realistic goal . You will have the satisfaction of seeing your silhouette gradually and sustainably refine.

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