How to lose 35 kg in 9 months?

By | April 24, 2019

As you know, to achieve an ambitious goal of significant weight loss, your motivation will not have to let go. With a diet to keep to the letter and a daily sport practice.

However, it is not a goal so heavy to wear to lose weight by shedding its fat and not to take calories . Trust your star and follow our advice!

How to lose 35 kg in 9 months

How to lose 35 kg in 9 months

You will have to succeed to achieve your slimming goal, to combine the benefits of new eating habits to a very regular physical activity. For the diet to build on your plate, you will think about lightening all the calories of each of your dishes.

It is not complicated especially if you follow a points program like the one of weight watchers or the Dukan method which privileges exclusively the protein. No need to imagine, if you like meat, that you are going to have to become vegan.

So at lunch and dinner, you will prefer poultry (turkey breast and chicken breast) or fish (sea bream, salmon …) with a serving of about 90 g at each meal. And most importantly, fire on all seasonal vegetables, especially those high in fiber , because their benefits – in addition to providing a very low calorie intake – is to accelerate the proper digestion of your stomach.

At snack, fruit required for a natural addition of sugars, which will give you energy to continue the day and practice on each of your trips, a fast pace of fast walking . If you have a gluten allergy, no problem, because this trio protein + vegetables + fruits contains zero gluten.

Typical day to lose 35 kg in 9 months

Here is a day of control to lose weight effectively and durably, but also to never get fat again. When you wake up in the morning, a fruit juice squeezed with lemon for a 100% natural drink that will detoxify your body.

A cup of tea or coffee with an egg (protein) or a small slice of butter . Active walking from the first steps outside – whether to accompany children to school, walk your dog or go to work. You can also choose Keto Genesys the bike, which is great for cardio.

At noon, you will vary between fish and white meat, with many mostly green vegetables (you can of course add color to your plate with pepper or tomato ) and the equivalent of a Chinese bowl of pasta or rice (a little slow carbohydrate to charge your battery). Before or after dinner – which will be light with lots of green on the plate (salad, zucchini , cucumber, beans …) – practice a sports activity in a club or with a home coach.

This, twice a week or more obviously, if you can. It’s up to you to choose the sport or dance that you like the most, because it’s also about having fun! For the followers of not alive and music, to you the zumba, which brings a complete physical training with cardio and muscle reinforcement. For the active ones, put yourself in boxing and for water fans, practice water aerobics.

Adopting a program to lose weight drastically in 3 quarters is not complicated. Just listen to your physical activity cravings and stick to a more regular practice . And to bend to a new method of feeding that will delight our silhouette, but also our health.

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