How to lose weight with a gym ball?

By | January 10, 2019

Being included in the standard of the ideal measurement makes it possible to maintain a perfect silhouette and especially to keep a good health. It is for this reason that many people wish to lose weight only of their part of the body which contains more fat and especially hips for most women.

To this end, an innovative technique using a gym ball has been designed by health professionals.

With this method, women will not slimquick keto only lose weight but especially eliminate excess fat in the hips by practicing exercises .

But how does it work ?

How to lose weight with a gym ball?
Practicing physical activity is one of the essential elements of a slimming diet in correlation with a healthy and balanced diet . With the evolution, several methods and techniques have been designed according to the needs of consumers to guarantee a better result with a minimum of comfort.

With the help of a gym ball, the fat of the body can be eliminated by using the right movements.

Being an inflatable accessory made of rubber, the fitness ball is used to improve gymnastic routines. The round shape creates instability thus forcing the individual to use his core muscles to counter a loss of balance.

Several adequate movements repeated at a regular constant burn calories by developing deep muscles. This accessory also helps protect the spine and prevent back pain.

What exercise to lose weight hips with a gym ball?
The movements to be performed are simple muscular movements, but the peculiarity is to achieve them with a gym ball. A typical movement to lose hips is presented as follows:

– Lying on a gym mat back against the ground, arms spread and the ball between the feet.- Climb the feet and go back and forth with the ball on 4 sets of 30 movements.- Then, still lying on the carpet, but the chest against the ground, put the feet on the ball- Then raise the hips with the hands and feet that must support the full weight of the body.- Breathe normally while maintaining the position for 60 seconds then release. Repeat this movement 4 to 5 times.

It should be noted that in order to lose weight, these movements must be performed several times with a medium weight balloon. These hip and thigh exercises should be done 4 to 5 times a week and the fat will be eliminated.

Other uses of the gym ball
Becoming essential accessory in fitness centers, the fitness ball offers several advantages. Aside from the fact that this material helps to lose weight , movements with a ball also improve the flexibility and balance of the body.

Moreover, the latter helps to strengthen all the deep muscles of the body and particularly the back and the abdomen.

Easy to use, the gym ball helps to inspire new ways of exercising to break the monotony of movement.

According to current World Health Organization standards, a woman’s “normal” waist circumference is 88 cm and that of a 100 cm man.

For this purpose, the size / hip slimquick keto ratio must be proportional to the morphology of each individual. After gym sessions, measure your measurements to get into the standards.

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