The diet fruits and vegetables to lose weight

More than doing intense physical exercises, it is your diet that will allow you to lose weight first . In reality, your weight gain is usually caused by malnutrition. This means that you do not pay attention to what you eat and that, most of the time, you store too much fat . The best… Read More »

How to firm the upper thighs?

The entire thigh area is a problem that is quite common for a large part of the population. This is due in part to our more sedentary lifestyle over time but eating is another avenue to explore to explain that this part of the body is so difficult to refine and firm . Overweight, water… Read More »

How to play sports when you are tired?

You seem to be tired by the routine of everyday? In this case, you do not want to stop your workout or bodybuilding with your coach . Know then that it is quite possible to marry “sport and fatigue” provided you respect, of course the conditions and advice of a professional in the field. Stop… Read More »

Top foods to lose weight legs

To reduce weight in your legs, it is essential to have a good diet . You must prioritize certain foods and avoid others. To lose weight quickly legs, you need protein satietogenic and necessary for muscles, high fiber foods, green vegetables and fruits . To help you achieve this goal, here are the top foods… Read More »

Home biceps and triceps routine

This routine of biceps and triceps that we are going to show you today is dedicated to those people who are not attending a gym and want to do it from their own home. It is not always necessary to be pointed to the gym to be able to achieve your goals, you just have… Read More »

10 tips for beginners to increase muscle mass

You are thin and without muscle mass, if you want to increase your muscles then you must eat, eat and eat, so if you want to become really big here we give 10 tips for beginners to increase muscle mass, especially if you are one of those people who are not able to take too… Read More »

Routine for abs in a short time

With the passing of time, it has been proven that the abdominals are the most difficult muscle to obtain, since they are under a layer of body fat that must be burned first by means of an abdominal routine and thus achieve the complete definition of the muscle. . There are many important factors to… Read More »

4 rules to lose more fat with interval training

No, I do not pretend to be Martin Luther King! But I dreamed one day of a workout, which would allow me both to lose fat and develop my muscle mass. A workout that would be short and able to increase my cardiovascular and muscular endurance. My dream came true when I discovered interval training… Read More »

Can water jet massage help to lose weight?

You explore all kinds of ways to lose weight ? The jet massage is part of the formulas proposed here and there, with shared opinions on its effectiveness. It is important to know that this method taken only, despite its benefits , will not be enough to make you reach the desired thinness for your… Read More »