To lose 40 kilos with chrononutrition?

By | January 7, 2019

With chrononutrition, it is possible to lose weight, but not at any time. Do you have 40 extra pounds? Naturally adopt a balanced and diversified diet.

How to boost weight loss with chrononutrition?
Lose weight without deprivation, making sure to give the body what it needs. Adapted to the biological clock, this mode of feeding which is not a usual diet, is not restrictive. Invented by nutritionist Dr. Alain Delabos, it remains beneficial to health by reducing cholesterol levels.

Eat just at the right time of the day, dosing quantities. Above all, it is necessary to build a complete assessment of the state of health: morphotype. Dietary habits are decrypted to establish a typical day.

Authorized foods are numerous in the program. Especially to avoid for men and women, sausages and milk products nutrix slim keto rich in lactose. Among the disadvantages of chrononutrition, it would lead to higher contributions to ANC iron, vitamin C and calcium.

Example of a typical day to lose weight quickly
– Breakfast (before 8am): products rich in saturated fats and sources of protein such as egg and bread. – Lunch (at least 5h after breakfast): starchy foods such as pasta and animal protein (do not consume not the chicken skin, high in fat). You can cook them with Thermomix without adding fat. – Taste (at least 4 hours after lunch): bet on natural sugar (fruits or honey) and oilseeds. Flee cakes and sweets. – Dinner (before 18h): sources of light protein (oily fish) and accompanied by green vegetables. For dessert, ban the sugar.

Some instructions to follow
– Avoid the soup because it will tend to increase the risk of water retention , and therefore, the effect of orange peel and cellulite.- Book yourself two wild meals without any restrictions in the week. Attention, these meals should in no case be consecutive. This will prevent any yoyo effect. – Faced with a diet to respect, with intervals between meals, this program ensures that certain foods are not consumed together. Thus, proteins should not be digested with carbohydrates.

How long to lose 40 kilograms?
Chrononutrition helps the body and helps to lose weight sustainably . Count a loss of 2 to 3 kg per week, depending on the metabolism of each. Practice physical activity to obtain fast and consistent results: jogging, cycling, walking, swimming ….

Do not be afraid of deficiencies, as this minor program does not advocate any restrictions . Choose the ideal time to play sports: between 4pm and 5pm.

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